The Security Careers Journey

Our story

Security Careers Hub is an industry leader in soft skill development and job placement.

Over the past few months we have stripped back our business platform, and rebuilt a more robust support framework to enable us to support employers and employees alike across the security industry.  

We have built a new fresh website, created an online Learning Management System, created a new more user friendly Job Board and enhanced all of our Social Media platforms.

This has taken time but that time was spent wisely, as we want to be able to not only support your needs, but more importantly grow with you as an employer or an employee within the security industry.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding new services, creating new online apps and creating new support systems for employers.

We know you have waited a while for our return but we are back and we hope you will support us as we continue on our journey.


Get unique learning experience!

With our online courses you have access to unique educational tools.

Academic and technical support

We have set up an online Help Desk so to support your learning 24/7.

Facebook community

With over 22’500 followers and growing we will keep you updated with all the latest news.

Support of our experienced specialists

All our courses have been written by industry experts and we they are here to help you.

New courses development

We are currently working on new courses and we will be adding courses to the LMS on a regular basis.

New friend & business partners

We are always looking to grow our services, so be a partner and contact us today with your ideas.

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